Spiky Strawberries. Or raspberries. Or blackberries

You are not going to believe this. You won’t. But we’re friends now. Trust me. I used to work for an advertising agency. You can trust me

Strawberries are not improved by sugar and cream. They aren’t. Nor are other soft fruits. They can stand pretty much on their own. With a bit of help, they become sublimely upstanding


Do not buy these out of season. Mainly because they taste of nothing. But it’s also a bit uncool to eat anything so trivial that’s been air freighted half way round the world just so you can eat them in December. Just say no.

All you need is strawberries and a good slug of vodka, and wait for it… Freshly ground black pepper. Honest. Trust me.

Take the stalks and leaves off the strawberries. BTW, the leaves are a bit spiney, but they can add a bit of interest to a green leaf salad. Also BTW, if you get a bit heavy handed with the deleafing process, you can eat any of the fruit you happen to bruise a bit. Nobody will blame you.

If some of the strawberries are a bit big, slice them lengthways into halves. C’mon, be serious you were going to do this anyway. Now you have a justifiable reason.

Stick ‘em in a serving bowl. Chuck a good big slug of vodka over them, then a huge amount of coarsely ground black pepper.

You need nothing else.


For my money, raspberries are the best soft fruit in the world. I love them

Then blackberries. They’re in season in the UK just now, and are a forager’s dream. Any walk down a country footpath will yield a cornucopia of these things growing by the wayside. The thing is, you find them in cities too. A towpath, a bit of wasteland, a derelict building site. Blackberry brambles grow anywhere.

Loganberries, well, they’re a hybrid, and are well in season just now.

So here’s what you do with them to make them even more scrummy than they naturally are.

Take a lime, and take the zest off. You can use one of those slightly poncey zester graters, but I myself like to use a vegetable peeler. If you peel the lime, cut the zest into very very very thin strips.

Squeeze the lime to get the juice. Add the zest/strips of skin.

Pile the fruit in a bowl, add the lime juice/zest mix.

That’s it. Easy peasey.