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Aubergines are the supermodels of the vegetable world. They look the mutt’s nuts, but there isn’t a lot to them.

So they need something doing to them or you’ll die of boredom eating them.

Here’s what you need

A nice big glossy purple boring aubergine. Don’t use a white one, for reasons that will shortly become clear

A jar of pickled red cabbage

Olive oil

Ground cinnamon

A teatowel you really don’t need or want any more and are willing to throw out

A roasting tin or baking tray

Here’s what you do

Preheat the oven to 190 Celsius/350 Fahrenheit

Wash the aubergine and slice it thickly. Purists claim you should salt them and then rinse and dry them, but just how retentive do you want to be. I’m a shortcuts kinda guy and don’t bother

Brush the aubergines slices generously with olive oil, and arrange the slices in the tin/tray

Take the jar of pickled cabbage and drain about a tablespoon of cabbage for each slice of aubergine. Rinse off the excess vinegar, and drain it again. Tip it into your unwanted teatowel, and squeeze it well to get rid of the excess liquid

Stick it in a blender with a teaspoonful of cinnamon, and whizz it well to make a paste

Spread the paste thickly on the aubergine, and drizzle some more oil over the top.

In the oven. Cook until the aubergine is done and tender