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Welcome to Cindy Knoke, my sixth follower. And hello again to Bronya and Ross, and bunnyandporkbelly.

Now, cheat’s pudding. As I’ve mentioned before, I have no discernible sweet tooth. But if you have guests it’s polite to serve pudding. So I cheat. It’s a bit rough and dirty, and I do mean dirty; you will make a hideous mess. And you’ll have to fight hard not to lick your fingers while you make this. It’s OK to do that if you don’t tell anyone; then it’s OK.

Here’s what you need

A packet of ginger nut biscuits. Actually Maryland cookies work fine as well, particularly if you like chocolate, which I don’t, not withstanding my recipe for Very Naughty Cherries

Cream sherry

Whipping cream

A punt dish. You don’t eat this. It should be long enough to take the length of the packet of biscuits with about an inch to spare either end

Here’s what you do

Put a couple of tablespoons of sherry in a dessert bowl, and set it on a radiator or in the airing cupboard to warm up. I don’t need to tell you not to put it on your stove, do I? You’re all grownup and everything.

While the sherry warms up, whip the cream till it’s good and fluffy and forms peaks

Take the bowl of sherry. This bit’s fiddly but you’ll figure it out. Dip both sides of two biscuits briefly in the sherry. Sandwich them together with some cream, and stand them edge on on the punt dish. They’ll fall over immediately, but hey ho

Spread cream on one side of another dipped biscuit, stand the first two up, and gum the third biccie to them with the creamy side. Hey presto! They are now stable and less prone to falling over.

You have to work fast now, or the entire shooting match will get too soggy for the end stage.

Dip, cream, sandwich. La la la la la.

When you’ve done all the biscuits, take the remainder of the cream and spread it over the outside of the biscuits so that you have something that resembles a sort of white Yule log.

Voila! Impress your mates. It’s not elegant, but they’re friends; they won’t mind a bit, they’ll be too busy fighting over the last portion.

A variant

Add a few drops of vanilla essence to the cream before you whippit good (Small musical joke there for people of my mature status in life)

Or peppermint essence and a level teaspoon of icing sugar. Makes your fillings itch just thinking of it doesn’t it?

A bar of flaky chocolate crumbled over things will tart it up a bit, but if your friends are that picky you may just need some new friends.

A Warning

If you have a cat, it’s going to go absolutely apeshit when you make this. It’ll be all over you like a bad suit. Put the pudding somewhere the cat can’t get at it, or it’ll eat the whole lot and be sick.