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Sites you really need to visit if you like messingaboutinthekitchen

Some of these are so good you’ll despair.


Be warned. You enter this site at your peril. The food photos look so good you’ll end up licking your computer screen.


Same problem here, in spades. Just really delicious recipes for vegetarians. Bronya Smolen who runs this makes a mean fish finger sandwich too.


I just love this site, run by a rather charming American expat. There’s all manner of things on here, and some spectacular looking recipes I can’t wait to try.


If you read about The Holler, Cindy’s house, you’ll wonder how she goes out of the front door without getting eaten alive or shot by the neighbours. There’s a bit about TV dinners in the 1950s which had me rolling about.


This is a very funny site about things you really should not do as a customer in a restaurant

Have fun, pop pickers.