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Muscavocado pears

Yes, this is a sweet/pudding/dessert based on avocado pears.

I’ll bet you think I’ve made a tipping errot here. I haven’t. Nor am I on Class A drugs. This is one of the weirdest things you’ll ever think about, but it just works.

I’m not good with sweet things, but it’s my recurring problem with dinner guests who will insist on a pudding. Normally I’m left out in the cold with my nose against the window, but I can actually eat this. It’s based on something I once ate in Sri Lanka. I’ve just adapted it, because in Sri Lanka they used reduced coconut flower nectar, and that’s tricky to find in the UK. So muscavo sugar it is.

Here’s what you need

A ripe avocado for every two people. Ripe? Hmmm? That only gives you a window of opportunity measured in hours, doesn’t it? They are either like bullets, or they’ve gone black at the edges when you cut them. Hey ho. If you’ve bought the avocadoes, and they still feel a bit hard, stick them in a paper bag with a ripe banana, and leave them overnight. Don’t use a plastic bag. Big mistake

Lime juice. A bottle of it will do. Or lemon juice. Anything citrusy to stop things going black. I might draw the line at grapefruit juice, but what do I know?

A pinch of white sugar.

Some muscavo sugar

Here’s what you do

Halve the avocadoes (does that have an e in it? Doesn’t look right either way), and remove the stone. This sounds easy, but I’m off for a pint while you wrestle with this seemingly straightforward task. Have fun.

Right, I’m back. Brush the cut surfaces of the avocado with lime juice in which you have dissolved a pinch of white sugar. A really tiny pinch.

Fill the dip left by the stone with muscavo. Add a drop of lime juice, but no more.

Serve. Expect ‘What the ****’s this?’ Watch people’s faces change.

A variant

If the avocadoes are still a bit hard, scoop the flesh out with a teaspoon, taking care not to rip the skins. Put the flesh in a bowl, add some lime juice, and mash things roughly with the back of a wooden spoon.

Pile the mashed flesh back in the skins. Miraculously it won’t all fit, so eat the rest, preferably without being caught.

Sprinkle with muscavo. If you really want to push the boat out, a teaspoon of Calvados before the sugar.