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Things have calmed down a bit on my other blog


and I’m stalled on some other stuff, so here’s a bit more for today.

This is actually adapted from my novel Charlie and Me. You can find lots more bits of it on the blog above. Never let it be said I miss out on a chance to self-publicise.

We’re both very naughty snackers at odd hours of the night. This may be something that’s connected to both of us being unhinged and suffering disrupted sleep patterns that make our hacker mate Haydn look normal. Our circadian rhythms are well up the pictures.

Here’s a recommendation, because as you know I don’t give advice. Get caught by someone you love while you’re eating something out of the ordinary at four in the morning. Doorstep sandwiches filled with sweetcorn, salad cream, and strawberry jam. Rice pudding straight out of the tin with pickled jalapeno chillies. Yes I accept that last one was a bit off the wall, even by my standards. It was delicious. Just another recommendation; avoid jellied eels. They are vile, like eating fishy snot with bones in it.

But do get caught doing this. It is something that should happen to you at least once in your life. The romantic properties of candlelight are only just ahead of those of the light from an open fridge. It can lead to some interesting times when you go back to bed. Share out the food and you may not even make it as far as the bedroom. You may not even make it out of the kitchen. That’s my experience anyway.