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Actually it’s spelt mojo, but I didn’t want to get a Muddy Waters vibe going here

This is originally Spanish, I think. It’s served with salt coated potatoes (recipe to follow when I get round to it), but works with just about anything you care to mention – even aubergines. OK, OK, I get the message, I’ll lay off the aubergines.

As per usual I won’t give you quantities, but I’ll give you proportions, so you can make as much or as little as you like. You can make it in bulk, and store it in wide necked bottles such as those used for Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae sauces. Clean the bottles well, and if you can be bothered, sterilise them by putting them in a deep pan of cold water and bringing them slowly to the boil for about 5 minutes. Or you can go hi-tech and get down your local winemaking equipment supplier and buy some campden tablets that home brewers and winemakers use for sterilising bottles and corks.

Be warned! The sulphur dioxide given off is like a gas attack on the Somme, so this is a job best done outside, or in a greenhouse which you can fumigate at the same time.

Or you can use Milton that people use for sterilising babies’ feeding bottles. You won’t end up in hospital with sulphur dioxide induced pulmonary effusion

Where was I?

Here’s what you need

Two large red peppers

One of those big red chillies, the ones that are about the size of a carrot. If you suffer from achromatopsia, have someone go with you to the shop so you don’t inadvertently end up with a carrot.

Two big cloves of garlic

Olive oil

Red wine vinegar. If you think you haven’t got any, have a sniff at that dodgy bottle of Moroccan red left over after your last party and which you’ve kept for cooking but forgotten about. Still none? OK, white wine vinegar will do


A blender/food processor. You can faff about mashing things up by hand, but your wrists and hands will really ache, and you’ll miss Emmerdale

Here’s what you do

Core and seed the red peppers, get rid of as much of the white gilly stuff as you can Chop into 1” chunks. Put them in the blender

Core and seed the chill and chop it roughly. Chuck it in the blender

Peel the garlic, and crush it roughly between two teaspoons. Chuck it in the blender.

Add a wineglassful of olive oil

Add a wineglassful of red wine vinegar

Salt to taste.

Whizz mercilessly. Really give things a hard time, till you have a nice liquid consistency with no bits in it.

There it is.