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This is another Chinese recipe I’ve appropriated and made mine own.

Scrambled eggs are scrummy aren’t they? Good for breakfast, light lunch, a quick supper if you’re going out on the razz and need to line your stomach. Comforting if you have a cold, just right when you’re on top of the world, Ma.

Well here’s how to make them even better

Here’s what you need

Two large eggs. Duck eggs work a treat, but hen’s eggs will suffice

A quarter of a chicken stock cube, though you can use vegetable if you wish

Light soy sauce

Dry sherry/Shaoxing wine

A spring onion or some chives


Two slices of thickly sliced bread for toast, or some rice, or some noodles

Groundnut oil. Or olive oil will do since you won’t be going thermonuclear with the cooking

Salt, maybe

Here’s what you do

Dissolve the quarter stock cube in about three tablespoons of boiling water. The eggs work well with rice or noodles as well as on toast, so if you elect for rice/noodles use the rest of the stock cube instead of salt in the cooking water. I’ll leave you to work out the timing. Even if you have the eggs on toast. Come on, it doesn’t take a genius

Beat the eggs well with a teaspoon of soy sauce, a teaspoonful of sherry, and a quarter teaspoon of cornflour, and salt if you decide to go down that route

Finely chop the spring onion or chives. If you use chives, you’ll need about a heaped tablespoonful. Better too many than too few

Heat a tablespoon of groundnut oil in your trusty wok over a medium heat, and swirl the oil to coat the sides. This should stop the eggs sticking. It should, but I can’t guarantee it

Add the stock and bring to a gentle simmer. Turn the heat right down. Right down

Add the egg mix, and begin stirring. Purists say you should use a pair of chopsticks to do this, and only stir in an anticlockwise direction. I’m not a purist. Do what it needs. I’ve found a palette knife is good, since you can use it to gently scrape any sticking egg off the wok and return it to the mix

Stir, stir, stir. You have to stay on the case here. You’ll begin to think the eggs will never begin to set, but they will suddenly start to thicken up

Sling in half the spring onion or chives and keep stirring.

You’ll eventually realise the eggs are done, because they aren’t getting any thicker. They should be sloppy; that’s half the self indulgent charm of this

Turn, or rather pour and scoop the eggs onto the toast or rice or noodles

Sprinkle on the rest of the spring onion or chives


A variant

To make this have a bit more of a bite, use a bit less oil, and add a teaspoonful of chilli oil. The purists will sneer at you. Do you care?

A really messy variant

Not toast, not rice or noodles, but pitta bread. Toast the pitas (you’ll want to pig out so two each is about right), cut them in half lengthways, then carefully open them up to make canoe shaped pockets. Dip your fingers in cold water if you’ve burnt yourself. Load in lots of finely shredded spring onion, one of those long pickled sweet chillies if you like them, and pile on the egg. Then pig out. You may need a shower afterwards.

A Warning

The eggs may not look as golden yellow as you are used to. Shut your eyes and think of England