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You’ll have noticed by now that I rarely post anything without a little story or anecdote, or a bit of observational humour, to make things swing along a bit.

Is this irritating? Or do you enjoy how I write this blog? Do you like the fun, or does it drive you to distraction, make you scream ‘For goodness sake, just get on with it, why don’t you?’

I suppose it must work for most of you, since I actually have followers. And I do like it if people smile when I write. But I’m open to comment.

Be warned. I may just ignore you. So there. Yaah boo sucks to you. Because if I knock out the stories and fun, it’s just another cookery blog, isn’t it? And there’s a zillion of those. I don’t want to be a boring earnest blogger. I don’t. They bore me to tears.

Listen up guys. Celery has a heart too, it’s a really sensitive vegetable. Deal with that.


PS The celery gag? Well, hey, that’s the kinda guy I am. Don’t like it? Well sod off. Have a nice life