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I was reminded of something I once ate in a small restaurant in Cuba. It was a very pleasant place, but forget a menu. Even the owner didn’t know what he’d have from day to day, so we just bowled up and ate what was on offer.

One of the best things I ever ate was this very simple dish

Butterfly some good sized prawns, or shrimp if you will

Mix a tablesppon of flour with a teaspoon of ground cumin, and dip and turn the prawns/shrimp to coat them well

Deep fry, if you’ve got enough oil (which couldn’t be guaranteed when I was in Cuba), or pan fry in as much oil as you can spare

Serve in soup bowls (plates were in a bit of short supply too) on finely shredded lettuce dressed with lime juice. Don’t be too finicky about draining the oil off the prawns, since any drips mix with the lime juice to make a sort of warm vinaigrette

Delicious with Moros e Cristianos (rice and peas)