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Yes folks, this is it. The very last post here on messingaboutinthekitchen. I’ve got a lot going on, what with my other blog over on


reworking my first (unpublished) novel, getting to grips with my second (unfinished) novel, a short stageplay, reviewing others’ work from my writers’ group… It all takes time, and that means I have to give something up.

I’m sad to be going, since this was my first blog before I started putting the effort in on


(shameless bit of self promotion there.) But alas, there we have it.

But some thanks are due before I go. Firstly to Bronya over on The Vegaquarium. It was dipping into her blog that started me off, so you can blame her.

To some of my earliest followers, Cindy Knoke and SethSnap. You always read what I’d written, and were generally nice about it. So ta ever so.

All of you who found and became followers here and then tracked me over to

nobodysreadingme.wordpress.com (there I go again)

and became followers over there. Too many to mention, but thanks anyway.

I’m not closing this blog, so it will still be here for people to stumble across, and it’s set up so if you leave comments I can pick them up.

Last, a word from the unwise. Cookery isn’t cooking. Cookery’s what you read about, cooking’s what you do. With cookery, it’s a bit like following a SatNav, or a map. Start here, turn there, this is where you end up. Remember though, even if you follow a recipe to the letter, you may not like the end result. You did nothing wrong; it’s just not for you.

Cooking’s different. You know where you’re starting, you know about where you want to end up, but you find your way there by asking directions from someone who says ‘Oh, about 2, no maybe three miles, there’s an old oak tree. Or is it an ash? Anyway, just past that, turn left…’ If you miss a turning, hey there’ll be another one sooner of later heading in about the right direction. You may not end up exactly where you were aiming, but you’ll have a much more interesting journey.

Any newcomers who find this. You’ll have disasters. You will have disasters. Everyone does. Give the remains to your cat and put it down to experience.

That’s about all folks. As the late Douglas Adams said

‘So long and thanks for all the fish.’

PS If any of you megabloggers want to give my other blog a mention, I’d be really grateful. I’ve reblogged or tweeted a lot of your stuff, or mentioned you so you know, quid pro quo. Cheeky little sod aren’t I?