About me and food

Food is important

Food is very very important. Sharing food, enjoying it with someone you care about, be it a friend or a lover, is important. Cooking for people, as opposed to microwaving something for them, is a very intimate act. Chopping stuff up, doing the preparation, doing the cooking. It’s brilliant. It shows you care. Even simply toasting bread or making a sandwich shows you care. Microwaving ready meals misses the point Then it just becomes about eating. Proper cooking is more than that.

 My names is Duncan Swallow. I’m older than your average blogger, pushing very hard at 60 years old. I like food. I’m not a glutton by any means, but I do like good food. And I love cooking, as you’ll have guessed.

My writing style and lack of guidance may not suit everyone. Well, you have the ultimate sanction. Don’t log into my blog again. Goodbye and thanks for all the fish, as they say.

I hope you enjoy this sporadic blog. I hope you try some of my suggestions, and like eating them.

If you like you can check out my other blog


There’s all manner of nonsense on there that may cheer up a dreary cold day for you.

Thanks for calling.



1 thought on “About me and food”

  1. You are saying pushing hard at 60 is old?……pish, posh! You are just experienced!! 🙂 Great blog, great recipes! It takes a couple of decades to get really experienced at cooking anyhoo, and your blog proves this! Love how creative it is.

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